Shadow Man

by Margaret Chula
Cover Photo by D. Gupta
42 pages, 8.5 x 5.5, perfect bound —$12.00
Published by The Poetry Box

Your Clarity and Honesty of Recollection

by Tom Clausen, author of Laughing To Myself

I received my copy of your latest book, Shadow Man, about a week ago and have been savoring the poems in random order . . . revisiting to let certain ones settle within and, as expected, am very grateful to read your poems and recognize the complexity of your relationship with your father. There is, what I love in poetry, a great honesty and insight in your writing. I am very impressed with the clarity of your recalling details of emotions, experience and nuances in how you felt about the many changes and understandings that were so significant in shaping the poet and person you became.

It was stunning to imagine that ‘reunion’ moment when you returned home after eight years of travel . . . and to think of that day on a cold February morning when your mother with you and your siblings drove away.

What I can gather from the Eulogy is that for all his faults, failings and absence that you have lived a wonderful life and in a strange sense some of the amazing trajectory of your life was or may have been from the very qualities of your father that were missing, incomplete and not what you wanted or hoped for from him. It is touching that despite his being a “Shadow Man” that you came through it all with some genuine care, affection and love for him as he was.

I am grateful for your poems and as much as it enabled me to see you and your father it also served to open up some similar feelings and qualities that I had with my father growing up.

“I want to let you know that I very much appreciated Shadow Man. You nailed the daughter’s voice—the distance and yet words and images that did all the signifying that was necessary. I felt I got to know the shadow man and could step into my own father and son perspective as well. The tanka sequence and the eulogy were so resonant. That it was paired with the solstice will be unforgettable. We leave people so much when we render things down to poetry.”

                                                                      – Daniel Schwerin