By Margaret Chula
Cover photo by John Hall
103 pages, 8.5 X 5.5, perfect bound          $14.95

Haiku Society of America’s Book Award, 2004

Weaving haiku with the more humorous senryu, Margaret Chula has created a colorful tapestry of her life in the Northwest. The brushstrokes of her poetic lines unfold with the precision of a sumi-e master to reveal tiny parcels of subtle beauty—the mark of her haiku. These are poems to return to again and again, as with the poet, after meditation / I sit and meditate.

end of summer
the rust on my scissors
smells of marigolds

dreaming of you
this morning molehills
erupt from the lawn

this moment
is all—cracks
in the stone Buddha


‘Margaret Chula’s new collection is both elegant and spiritual. Her work is startlingly fresh; it awakens and illuminates the senses. Truly one of the best and brightest stars of the haiku form.’

Garry Gay, co-founder of Haiku North American, The Long Way Home

‘These poems are as natural as lichen growing on solid surfaces, with a range of perceptions as varied as life itself—from the erotic, to the humorous, to the philosophical, to the keenly beautiful. The Smell of Rust is magical.’

Marian Olson, Desert Hours

‘Like overalls stained / with last year’s garden, the poems in this rich collection are so organic that they seem to be lived and not written. The diverse subjects flower with insight, grace, and humor.’

Claire Gallagher