By Edith Shiffert
Ink paintings by Kohka Saito
8.5 X11, 105 pages          $14.95
ISBN 0-9638551-6-6

Haiku Society of America’s Book Award, 1998

Edith Shiffert has received both national and international recognition for her haiku, poetry, and translations. The elegant volume is divided into twelve months, each introduced by a sumi ink painting.

Too old for climbing
I look at my flower books
spring in the mountains

The cat nips my ear
and I tell him we are not
such good friends as that

For this small beetle
a lifetime on one tree trunk
Everything is there.


‘The simplicity and command of the everyday, the accuracy of feeling recollected—all of this is achieved. Like Buson, Shiffert looks at what is there.’

Donald Richie, The Japan Times

‘One of Kyoto’s living national—and international treasures, Edith Shiffert has been honored by poets, critics and true lovers of literature for many years.’

Dr. Philip Williams, Poetry Nippon

‘Edith Shiffert’s poetry possesses an all-pervasive sweetness of temper, a graciousness which comes from reverence for life and gratitude for being, her being and all being. Behind her best poems is the echo of the Bodhisattva Vow, and at the same time the realization that all the combinations called reality are fleeting by nature.’

Kenneth Rexroth, 100 Poems from the Japanese