Haiku by Margaret Chula
Woodwinds by Ken Ulansey
50 minutes     $10.00

Relax and let the quiet poems and soothing woodwinds envelope you in the tranquility of old Japan. Margaret Chula reads haiku from her award-winning collection, accompanied by original compositions by Ken Ulansey. Each season opens with a musical solo on a different woodwind instrument (flute, clarinet, saxophone) to welcome us into the mood of that season and to enhance the emotional depth of the haiku that follow.

‘Margaret Chula invites the listener into her poems as she grinds her ink in preparation for the journey. Her images are simple and specific; they are reflected in a unique and sensitive accompaniment. The music links the verses but never compete with her articulation. This recording contains a rich collection of haiku by a master. It is also an aesthetic experience in combining poetry and music with exquisite sensitivity.’

Elizabeth Nichols, Modern Haiku


Grinding my ink is my car CD. I listen to it on my way home at the end of a long day at the hospital. It relaxes me and reminds me that there is beauty and harmony in the world.’

Carol Burns, anesthesiologist