By Christopher Herold
Watercolors by Ruth Yarrow
5.5 x 7, 100 pages     $14.95
ISBN 0-9638551-3-1

Haiku Society of America’s Book Award, 2000

Christopher Herold is a Japanese garden designer, poet and Buddhist lay monk. In his new collection, he takes us on a haiku path where we see the love that goes into shaping a garden. Then he takes us out beyond the walls and shows us where his inspiration for gardens has come from:  the forests, the mountains and rivers. Herold’s haiku, gleaned from thirty years of writing, have received national and international awards. Join him on the path where you’ll sense that time is stopping, again and again, so that you can observe the world more closely.

first light—
the deep print of a sole
among crocuses

just a minnow—
the granite mountain wobbles
on the lake

down the mountain
both the backpack and I
much lighter now


‘This collection is precious, pure, having the quality of inception—the eternal moment which we come to more as vibration and wave. Bravo!’

H.F. Noyes, Hermitage (Romania)

A Path in the Garden is a meditative, satisfying read. The sense of calmness, enjoyment, and closeness in nature shines from every page.’

Francine Porad, Founding Editor of Brussels Sprout

‘The haiku in A Path in the Garden are a delight. They lead me on a path I shall follow again and again.’

Alex Benedict